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Great Explanations

I have been going to chiropractors for 65 years and have never been to one as thorough and with the best explanations as Dr. Hickman. 99% of my pain has subsided. I highly recommend Hickman Chiropractic.

-Dorie Krewson

Peace of Mind

Dr. Patrick Hickman has been my Chiropractor for about 20 years. He has helped me recover from a serious broken pelvis injury in 2000. He knows when he sees you walk in the door where the trouble spots are that day. He has taught me how important it is to take better care of my body through the right nutritional supplements, home stretching exercises and regular adjustments by him. I strongly believe that by doing these things he is helping me keep as active as I am. He always says he is just a phone call away. That gives a person great peace of mind.
-Gail Jenicek

Kind and Caring

I’ve been seeing Dr. Hickman for 21 years. When I first came I could not turn my head and had problems bending over. That is now in the past and any other problems that come up have been addressed so that I can have as full and active a life as possible. Dr. Hickman is a kind and caring man whose patients and their care are always foremost in his mind. He is amazing! I now have my daughter-in-law and granddaughter seeing him also.
-Mena Empey

Gained Strength and Confidence

Dr. Hickman’s chiropractic is the best treatment I’ve received since my fall in January 2018. I was in terrible shape with my spine, balance and my knee. I’ve come a long way in the months since and I’m doing so much better. I’ve gained my balance, strength and confidence back. He is the best in Ashland as far as I’m concerned.
-Claudia Petrin

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